May 18 – Women Violence Victims’ National Remembrance Day in Serbia


This year it was the first time that the Women Vio­lence Vic­tims’ Nation­al Remem­brance Day was com­mem­o­rat­ed in Ser­bia on May 18. IZ KRUGAVOJVODINA orga­ni­za­tion did it by orga­niz­ing a street action in the Novi Sad Free­dom Square. Sim­i­lar activ­i­ties on the occa­sion of the Women Vio­lence Vic­tims’ Nation­al Remem­brance Day were orga­nized in Užice, Kruše­vac, Tutin, Lesko­vac, Kral­je­vo, Bel­grade and oth­er set­tle­ments. On this occa­sion, the pri­vate space of a home was exposed in a street instal­la­tion pre­sent­ing it as the least safe place and mur­der site.

The event also served as a reminder that at least 20 women in Ser­bia lost their lives to domes­tic and part­ner­ship vio­lence since the begin­ning of the year.

Pho­to: Maja Tomić

About the Women Vio­lence Vic­tims’ Nation­al Remem­brance Day

In 2017, the Gov­ern­ment of the Repub­lic of Ser­bia declared May 18 the Women Vio­lence Vic­tims’ Nation­al Remem­brance Day after over 8,000 cit­i­zens from 25 Ser­bian towns and munic­i­pal­i­ties signed a peti­tion for it in an action ini­ti­at­ed by the Women Against Vio­lence Net­work sup­port­ed by 32 civ­il soci­ety orga­ni­za­tions. The pub­lic advo­ca­cy action for dec­la­ra­tion of such a com­mem­o­ra­tive day was orga­nized in order to remind the pub­lic, as well as the rel­e­vant insti­tu­tions, of the risks from femi­cide and its con­se­quences, espe­cial­ly after sev­en women in Ser­bia had been killed in 72 hours from May 16–18, 2015. Besides the femi­cide vic­tims’ fam­i­ly mem­bers, friends and cit­i­zens sup­port­ing them, numer­ous pub­lic fig­ures and politi­cians, includ­ing rep­re­sen­ta­tives of human rights insti­tu­tions, had also signed the peti­tion. The sig­na­to­ries of the peti­tion were unit­ed in the posi­tion that remem­ber­ing women who were not among us any­more was also a warn­ing that it is women who paid with their lives for inad­e­quate or non-reac­tion of rel­e­vant insti­tu­tions in cas­es of gen­der-based vio­lence.

No Woman Less – An overview of reports from the Rise Up for Women Whose Voic­es Can­not Be Heard Any­more – Towards a More Effi­cient Risk Assess­ment Aimed at Femi­cide Pre­ven­tion Project (in Ser­bian)

Pho­to: Csil­la Dávid



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