Organizing gynecological examination for women with disabilities


IZ KRUGAVOJVODINA orga­nizes gyne­co­log­i­cal exam­i­na­tion for women with dis­abil­i­ties liv­ing in the City of Novi Sad by pro­vid­ing per­son­al assis­tance and trans­porta­tion from their homes to the pri­ma­ry health­care cen­ter and back.

Spe­cial­ist gyne­col­o­gist exam­ines women with dis­abil­i­ties using a hydraulic gyne­co­log­i­cal exam­i­na­tion table pro­vid­ing for opti­mum ser­vices. Upon pri­or notice and sched­ul­ing its date and time, such exam­i­na­tion is avail­able to women with dis­abil­i­ties in Novi Sad Pri­ma­ry Health­care Cen­ter on week­days.

Exam­i­na­tions must be sched­uled by call­ingIZ KRUGAVOJVODINA at 021 447 040.

Remem­ber to go to spe­cial­ist gyne­co­log­i­cal exam­i­na­tions reg­u­lar­ly. They are the best way to diag­nose malig­nant con­di­tions at their ear­ly stages and treat them suc­cess­ful­ly.



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Organizing gynecological examination for women with disabilities
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